As a member of the Virginia Transit Association, you learn about innovations in transit; have the opportunity to network with others who support public transportation; and increase your effectiveness as an advocate for public transportation.

VTA Membership Application (to print)

Benefits of Membership

Your membership in the Virginia Transit Association will mean:
→ Complimentary employment opportunity and RFP postings;
→ Free subscription to VTA’s WeeklyTransit News Clips to stay informed of Virginia transit news;
→ Access to members in Online Directory;
→ Access to Vendor Spotlight section on the VTA website, with business members prominently showcased;
→ Advertising opportunities in newsletter;
→ Complimentary admittance to annual legislative reception;
→ Access to information, materials and resources;
→ Opportunities for professional development;
→ A united voice in the making of laws and regulations governing public transportation;
→ Interaction with, and opportunities to educate public policy leaders;
→ Participation in a network of dynamic public transit officials;
→ Advocacy from a position of unified strength in furthering public transportation;
→ Representation of transit issues to federal, state and local officials;
→ Collective voice for a balanced transportation system;
→ Forum for transit officials to share information;
→ Network for exchange of ideas among elected and transit professionals;
→ Annual meeting for training/equipment update;
→ Statewide public information;
→ Marketing support for transit issues.

Virginia Transit Association Annual Membership Dues
(Membership year is July 1 to June 30)

Public Transit Systems Members 
Municipal or other governmental nonprofit agencies with officially recognized public transportation systems within the Commonwealth of Virginia. At least 50 percent of ridership is the general public. 
Dues: Call the VTA office at 804/643-1166

Business Members
Organizations such as intra- and inter-city bus companies, taxicab companies, consulting firms, transit management companies, research organizations and manufacturers/suppliers. 
Dues: $1,000 (companies with 3 or fewer employees may pay $300)

Associate Members – TDM Professionals
Transportation Demand Management (TDM) agencies that apply strategies and policies to reduce or redistribute travel demand to are eligible for this category of membership.
Dues: $600

Associate Members — Other
Those with an interest in public transportation or ridesharing. Includes federal, state and local public and nonprofit agency staff, researchers and university faculty, nonprofit organizations supporting public transportation. 
Individual Dues: $50, Organization Dues: $100