About VTA

Statement of Purpose

Founded in 1977, the Virginia Transit Association (VTA) provides public education and legislative advocacy to support public transportation systems throughout the Commonwealth. The VTA has 57 total members, which include 24 transit properties and 33 business and associate members.

Who we are

We believe transit is an important part of the transportation solution in Virginia. It can get people to work, school, shopping and healthcare facilities reliably, quickly and cheaply. It helps business reach out to more workers and contributes to a cleaner environment and a more livable community by reducing congestion on the roads.

VTA is a coalition of transit professionals from public and private organizations who know that public transportation is important to the individual mobility, a clean environment, and livable communities. VTA members include:

  • Transit systems from across the state
  • Businesses that serve transit systems or who rely on transit for labor and customers
  • Local government officials and business leaders who recognize the importance of public transit
  • Organizations concerned about transportation, mobility, the environment, suburban sprawl, urban revitalization, and quality of life issues for the elderly
  • Individuals who support public transportation

VTA’s Mission and Vision

VTA supports the success of its members through legislative advocacy, member education, and growing appreciation of the role and impact of Virginia’s public transit industry on the state and the communities we serve.

VTA’s vision is for fully-funded public transit systems to be at the center of every community’s network of seamlessly integrated mobility options that improve the environment, quality of life, resiliency and economic prosperity of the state and of all Virginia communities.


Our objective is to:

  • Assist the operators of public transportation on the Commonwealth of Virginia in representing the public interest through the development of common policies, goals, and objectives
  • Provide a medium for exchange of ideas and experiences and to increase communications among members
  • Aid VTA members in dealing with special issues
  • Act as members’ voice to the state, local and federal governments and appropriate agencies


Lisa Guthrie, Executive Director

Michael Phillips, Communications and Outreach Director

Jamie Crawford, Program Coordinator

VTA Executive Committee Officers

President: The Honorable Diantha McKeel, Albemarle County Board of Supervisors

Vice President: The Honorable Benming Zhang, Williamsburg City Council

Secretary: Josh Baker, General Manager, Alexandria Transit Company/DASH

Treasurer: William Harrell, President/CEO, Hampton Roads Transit

Immediate Past President: The Honorable David Snyder, Vice-Mayor, City of Falls Church

Executive Director: Lisa Guthrie