2015 Awards

Each year, VTA recognizes outstanding leadership and contributions by individuals who are working to advance public transportation in their community; VTA also recognizes innovative, effective programs by our public transportation providers.

The Virginia Transit Association presented the following awards at its 2015 Awards Luncheon to recognize outstanding service by individuals and exceptional transit programs, and to advance and expand public transportation in the Commonwealth.

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Distinguished Legislative Leadership Award:

The Honorable Tom Rust

Delegate Tom Rust was a member of the Virginia House of Delegates from the 86th district for 14 years. During that time he chaired the Transportation Committee for 3 years and has also served as a member of NVTA and NVTC.  

 The Honorable John Watkins 

Senator John Watkins was a member of the Virginia Senate for over 15 years.  During that time he served on both the Transportation and Finance Committees and the Virginia-North Carolina high-speed rail compact commission. 


Award Winner:  Blacksburg Transit--BT4U Mobile App

The BT4U mobile app is the latest phase in an existing suite of products that provide information to the customer in an accurate, easy to use and reliable manner. The BT4U Mobile app takes the existing BT4U platform to the next level by incorporating many additional features including trip planning. To date there have been over 12,000 downloads of the BT4U app.


Award Winner – :  DASH/Alexandria Transit--“Dashing for 30 years: Past, Present and Future”

In 2014 Alexandria Transit Company celebrated 30 years of Dash Driving Alexandria Safely Home. The theme “Dashing for 30 years: Past Present and Future” was created and used throughout 2014, a year filled with monthly celebrations to honor this achievement. The awards committee recognized DASH for its work with the TV Production Class at local High School T.C. Williams to direct and produce an anniversary video. The video features interviews with long time employees, riders and operators to explore arc of DASH’s history from its humble beginnings to today’s role as a fixture in the life of Alexandrians.

The Awards committee also recognized DASH’s innovative use of a retired bus to a local neighborhood art festival, Arts on the Avenue, where the public was given an opportunity to leave their painted handprints on the bus. The retired bus was given a coat of primer and served as a canvas for residents. This bus, named the Celebration DASH Bus can be seen travelling around Alexandria, at transit fairs, and offering transit education to local schools to remind them about the benefits of using transit and how to travel safely aboard a DASH bus. The popularity of this project led to critical acclaim in local and regional press outlets and was such a hit that they have been asked to return to Art on the Avenue again this fall to create another Celebration bus masterpiece. 

Honorable Mention:  WMATA--Silver Line Campaign

The objective of this campaign was to convince non-transit riders to ride the Silver Line by raising awareness about the new mobility options the completion of the first new line in 13 years and the largest expansion since 1976 would bring to residents and commuters in the DC Region. The campaign consisted of television ads, print, native advertising and outdoor signage as well as other traditional and non-traditional mediums.

First a teaser campaign that defined what people would get out of the Silver Line – new and better jobs, social life, and family fun. This piece of the campaign showed empathy and featured solutions, portraying the Silver Line as the hero – the thing that saved the day and snapped residents out of their funk. These spots stand out thanks to their deadpan “anti-action”.

Second, a launch campaign that created excitement around the actual opening and conveyed the joy of bringing the Silver Line to the region. To paint this picture of joy, minimal narration was used. Instead, it featured an upbeat song and cast of high energy dancers. That captured the attention of viewers and allowed the physical aspects of the product to shine through. The launch spot displayed a fresh joy that made you feel good. Using the beautifully-designed new stations as the setting encouraged people to share the joy that the characters in the spot are experiencing. Metro continued to tie the messaging from the teaser and launch into a variety of other mediums, including online native advertising, geo-targeted cinema, airport TV, radio, print and outdoor signage on buses that used the Dulles Toll Road heavily traveled by the Silver Line’s target customers.


Al Harf---Executive Director of Potomac Rappahanock Regional Transit Company (PRTC) 1998-2015

The Helen Poore Transit Professional Distinguished Service Award is given to transit professionals who have made outstanding contributions to advance transit in their region and who have been actively involved in VTA. Al Harf is retiring from long and distinguished transit career.


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